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Kiki Pure Mini Air Purifier for Travel
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Ultra Quiet & Portable True HEPA Air Purification

Introducing our range of active carbon filtration HEPA personal air purifiers, filtering 91.67% of all airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.
Kiki Pure USB Port Air Purifier
Affordable • Quiet • Effective

Today, clean air has never been more important. Whether in your home, at the office or in the car, we all want to ensure that the air we breathe is, clean, free from pollutants, allergens and most importantly free from dangerous viruses or bacteria. 

We can't always carry large and expensive equipment as we move around in our daily lives, however Kiki Pure is designed to give you peace of mind wherever you are. 

With the latest active carbon True HEPA air filtration systems, our air purifiers are designed to be small, affordable, yet very effective at keeping the are you breath as safe as possible, even when you are out and about.

Kiki Pure HEPA Air Filtration
Kiki Pure Home Air Purifier

Kiki Pure can go anywhere with you. It fits comfortably on your desk, in your car, in your livingroom, or on your bedside table. It is lightweight in design, making it easy to transport so you can be able to breathe in clean, fresh and healthy air everywhere you go.

Kiki Pure Home Car Office
Kiki Pure Home Air Purifier

Improve the quality of air you breathe no matter where you are. Keeps the air clean and safe by capturing dust, pollen, pet dander and more.

Kiki Pure gets rid of pollen and viruses
Kiki Pure cleans air of smoke and bacteria

Ultra compact design - with full 360° Filtration, the air you breathe up 100 square around you is clean, fresh and healthy.

Kiki Pure Air Purifier Features
Kiki Pure Air Purifier up to 100 sq ft

Long-lasting HEPA filters that last up to 6 months. Replace every 6 months to ensure best performance.

Kiki Pure HEPA air purification
Kiki Pure mini air purifier
Kiki Pure Small yet Powerful
Kiki Pure is very safe air purification

With its ultra quiet-running system, it operates under 18 dB. Enjoy a quiet and relaxing night surrounded by purified air.

Kiki Pure quiet air purifier
Kiki Pure 7 nightlight colors
Kiki Pure Powered by USB-C
Kiki Pure one touch operation
kiki pure 360 degree filtration